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I love making an impact on people even more than speaking about my many talents. Combine for best effect. 👇🏽

At Discord, I had the immense privilege of getting to learn from Omid and his years of experience working across a wide diversity of research domains. What truly sets Omid apart is his unparalleled ability to enter any ambiguous domain and not only decode its intricacies but also empower others to see its essence.

His knack for mapping unfamiliar terrains and highlighting previously unseen features makes him an invaluable asset to any company who wants to get closer to their users.

Case in point, at Discord, Omid’s role as the founding research leader was nothing short of groundbreaking. The way he navigated the complexity of Discord’s user base and rendered it legible for the company was a masterclass in research. He was adept at collaborating with a broad spectrum of stakeholders, ensuring everyone was aligned with one coherent understanding of reality.

Omid doesn’t just research; he ‘surfs ambiguity’ to bring clarity where there’s confusion. Any organization would be fortunate to benefit from his expertise and unique approach to UX research. Highly recommended!

Robinson Eaton
UX Manager at Discord

As someone working towards transitioning to UX from a primarily academic research background and navigating a highly competitive job market, I was feeling like I was lacking a sense of direction in my job search. Omid put together a plan to help me identify where my passions are within UX and prompted me to reflect on my long-term career goals. I highly appreciated how he tailored his feedback and helped me think through different possibilities keeping in mind my skills, experience and particular circumstances (e.g., geographical limitations).

Once I had gained clarity, Omid worked with me on strengthening my application materials and interviewing skills. He helped me effectively translate my experience using language that better resonates with companies and role-played potential interview questions.

In addition to feeling much more prepared when interviewing moving forward, his encouragement helped me feel a lot more confident in my skills and talking about my experience.

During my time working with him, I was able to secure a job offer working a role that aligns with my expertise and passions.

Dr. K. B.

UXR job seeker, coaching client

Discord message from a NY designer, J

Omid is a really fun and knowledgeable person to work with. From the moment I started working with him, I could tell he has a lot of experience working in the field and knows what hiring managers are looking for in candidates.

He helped me revamp my resume and portfolio presentation while also making me feel more confident in interviews.

I also appreciated how he was available to answer questions outside of our sessions when I needed it.

Highly recommend working with Omid if you’re a job seeker in UX! 

H. S.

UXR job seeker, coaching client

From the moment I first spoke to Omid during his interview, I knew I had to hire him.

Not only does Omid have an impressive pedigree (from gaming to Facebook to Dropbox and Cruise) — he’s also just an amazing guy to have on your team: He seamlessly conducts and connects quantitative and qualitative research, he builds internal team culture (mentoring and cheering on his peers and more junior researchers), and he’s mastered cross-functional collaboration (helping Cruise build a strong relationship with our GM stakeholders, plus his PMs love him).

To any hiring managers thinking about bringing him on your team — don’t hesitate.

Arianna McClain
Senior Director and Head of Research at GM Cruise