Here is a non-exhaustive list of ways I can help you or your people. If you’d like to chat, simply book 15 min with me here! I’d love to hear what you have cooking.

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User Research Consulting

Common requests:
Usability Testing and Analysis
User Interviews and Persona Development
User Journey Mapping
Remote User Testing Setup and Guidance
Expert Heuristic Evaluation

More words about these services:

  • Usability Testing and Analysis: I specialize in uncovering and addressing usability obstacles that impact user satisfaction. Through meticulous testing, I reveal authentic user interactions, utilizing data-driven insights to drive targeted enhancements, enrich user experiences, and boost engagement.
  • User Interviews and Persona Development: By conducting insightful interviews, I delve into user needs and behaviors, shaping comprehensive personas that steer design choices. Empathizing with user perspectives empowers me to devise solutions that deeply resonate, resulting in products that genuinely meet their expectations.
  • User Journey Mapping: I excel in visualizing and comprehending user experiences across touchpoints, highlighting pain points and moments of delight. These maps illuminate avenues for smoother interactions, cultivating user loyalty and maximizing product value.
  • Remote User Testing Setup and Guidance: I offer adept guidance in navigating the nuances of remote testing, enabling accurate insights without geographical limitations. Leveraging technology, I facilitate efficient user feedback collection, refining product usability and functionality.
  • Expert Heuristic Evaluation: Rely on my seasoned expertise to evaluate your product’s usability, identifying design shortcomings based on established usability principles. I provide actionable recommendations to enrich user interactions and overall satisfaction.

Public Speaking/Keynote Speaking

Common requests:
Keynote Address at Conferences/Events
Panel Discussions and Moderation
Workshop Facilitation on User Research
Webinar/Remote Presentations
Guest Lectures at Universities

More words about these services:

  • Keynote Speaker: Self-explanatory! Please book me for a short chat if you’ve got a topic for a talk in mind. Thank you!
  • Panel Moderator: As a skilled moderator, I engage audiences in panel discussions by seamlessly merging industry knowledge with interactive dialogue. This enriches event experiences and promotes collaborative learning.
  • Workshop Facilitator: In hands-on workshops, I demystify user research methods, equipping participants with practical tools to effectively integrate user insights into projects. Or, can train your team to do their own research! (Improv workshops also fit here!)
  • Webinar/Remote Presenter: I deliver engaging online presentations that simplify complex user research concepts. This helps me reach a wider audience and fosters a culture of user-centered thinking.
  • Guest Lecturer: I inspire the next UX generation by sharing my expertise in university settings. This enriches students’ grasp of user research principles and prepares them for impactful careers in design and user experience.

Career Coaching

Common requests:
Resume Review and Optimization
Interview Preparation and Mock Interviews
Job Search Strategy Development
LinkedIn Profile Makeover
Career Development Consultation

More words about these services:

  • Resume Review and Optimization: Elevate your resume’s impact with personalized guidance, strategically amplifying your skills, achievements, and ambitions for maximum employer appeal.
  • Interview Preparation and Mock Interviews: Secure a competitive advantage through role-specific interview mastery. Hone responses and enhance confidence with tailored mock interviews, ensuring preparedness for the real thing.
  • Job Search Strategy Development: Forge a tactical path in the job market with a custom action plan. From pinpointing opportunities to refining applications, I offer a roadmap for a triumphant job hunt.
  • LinkedIn Profile Makeover: Harness LinkedIn’s potential via a refined profile spotlighting expertise and triumphs. Amplify networking and job prospects within your field through an optimized online presence.
  • Career Development Consultation: I offer one-on-one guidance to synchronize your career path with your aspirations. Benefit from an exhaustive evaluation of strengths and objectives, steering you towards a gratifying professional life.